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Motorcycle Training Courses in Sussex

Choosing the right motorcycle training depends on what you want to achieve, your age and riding experience.

If you have only just started thinking about riding a motorcycle we offer a New Rider Training Course, where you can safely try motorcycle riding before making a big commitment.

We also offer Free Motorcycle Training Assessments, where we can give you an accurate idea of the amount of training needed to achieve the level of riding right for you.

Guides to Motorcycle Licences and Tests

Find out more about which motorcycle licence you need, the requirements and the format of the motorcycle tests…remember there's an art to riding the right way; it's not the destination it's the journey that counts, and it should be one you look back upon with a smile! Use the Motorcycle Training drop down menu at the top of the page, the menu to the right or the menu toward the bottom if you are on a mobile device.

Experience The MTS Difference

All rider training schools want you to pass your bike test, but there’s much more to it than just that!

Whilst it is important for you to pass your bike test, at MTS Sussex, we put your safety first and foremost. It’s our aim not only that you have fun during your training, but that you become a safe and competent motorcycle rider by the time you pass your test

We personalise your training to suit your individual needs - if we think you need an extra day then we’ll be honest, after all we don’t want to sit biting our nails and praying for miracles while you’re on test, any more than we want to break out the Kleenex when you get back! We like to be confident that when you go to test ‘you can pass’.

This also means we have reached a safe level of riding with you, which is what it’s all about.

On the other hand, if you come to us with experience, or you’re just a ‘natural’, we won’t talk you into having more training than is necessary “just to be on the safe side”; we will be honest with you right from day one. After all we want you to be so happy with MTS Sussex that you tell your friends all about us!

We guarantee a maximum of 2 students to one instructor throughout your motorcycle training, from CBT to test day. This means you receive the individual time & training you need without exception. 

We also recommend you splitting your Module 1 & 2 tests (at no extra expense), this means the pressure is off and if you're not successful with mod1 you don't forfeit mod2!

For more information see our Motorcycle Training Frequently Asked Questions.

Need Advice or Want to Book Your Training?

If you need advice in choosing a a course or would like to book your training with MTS Sussex, call us on 01444 246714, 01293 850802 or 01342 890006, email us at [email protected] or use the on-line contact form.