New Rider Training Course

Compulsory Basic Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden charges.

No, at MTS our CBT price is inclusive of bike hire, fuel* and clothing* (*unless using your own bike).  Full licence training does not include fuel, this is the responsibility of the student.

If using your own bike for any course you are required to provide evidence of current road tax, insurance (and MOT if applicable.) Your bike must be roadworthy and disply full size L-Plates front and rear and you must wear an approved safety helmet, motorcycle jacket and gloves along with a minimum of sturdy footwear and jeans without rips/tears. If you arrive without any of the above you will forfeit your training.

Do I have to do a theory test before a CBT?

No, only before any practical (Mod1 & 2) tests. However you are required to have at least a bsic knowledge of the highway code before completing any motorbike training.

Do I need my own motorcycle clothing?

Only if using your own bike, otherwise MTS offer bike jackets, helmets, gloves and over trousers for you to use throughout your training. For hygiene reasons we do not provide footwear or motorbike trousers that are worn against the skin. We also provide Hi Viz vests even if you wear your own kit.

Will I be in radio contact all the time?

Yes all the time you are on the road

If I drop the motorbike will I have to pay the excess for a claim?

We always try to avoid making an insurance claim, so if we can repair any damage such as a broken lever (£10) etc. we will ask for you to cover the cost. You will need to pay the excess for anything which does need to go through insurance as per our T's&C's

Do I have to pay an insurance waiver?

No, third party only insurance is included in the cost (unless you use your own motorbike.)

Is petrol charged on top?

Petrol is not included apart from on the CBT if you use our bike.

Will my instructor shout if I get it wrong?

MTS has a no-shouting policy. Our instructors are there to teach you, guide you and help you gain confidence, they expect the odd mistake after all we are all human and that’s what learning is all about.

Are you near a bus route / train station?

Yes, both the Burgess Hill and the East Grinstead training sites are near a main train station and on a regular bus route

Is there parking?

Yes free parking is at all four training sites

Do I need to tell you about any medical conditions?

You should advise us of any condition that may be relevant to the training / your wellbeing during the training

What about lunch?

On the CBT at East Grinstead please bring lunch with you, although tea & coffee are supplied FOC. If you're completing a CBT at Burgess Hill you will need lunch with you or money to use the on site Costa cafe, and at Crawley there is a local SubWay, and garage selling food as well as an on site kitchen for you to use. When doing your full licence training we will be stopping for lunch so please bring cash with you each day.