Free Motorcycle Training Assessment

If you have a current CBT and theory and want to get your full motorbike licence but you’re not sure how much training you’ll need, then why not pop into MTS Sussex for a free assessment. We can see you at any of our sites, whichever is most convenient to you, and we’ll quote you a daily rate for the days you need rather than quoting ‘standard courses’ or ‘by the hour’ because in our experience everyone is a little different, so what may suit one may not necessarily suit another. And if we feel you need an extra hour or so one day, that’s just what you’ll get and we won’t be adding it to the bill!

People with motorcycle riding experience would rarely need the same amount of training as an inexperienced rider, so why waste time & money on unnecessary lessons that would be better spent on your new bike & clothing or maybe even insurance?!

If you complete a CBT with MTS Sussex, your instructor will automatically assess your riding during element E (the road ride) with further training in mind, enabling them to advise you how much training is required for you to reach test standard. So unless there is a long time lapse, you won’t need to return for another assessment as we’ll have the details on our database.

What You Need to Bring?

Don’t forget you’ll need your valid UK licence (counterpart & EU licence), current CBT and theory certificates with you, and if you use your own bike, please make sure it’s road legal, insured and that you display L-plates front & rear.

We also offer package deals on Full licence training such as A1, A2 & DAS courses, take a look at the relevant page for details. If you already know how much training you need and don’t want a package deal or a free assessment, you can just get in touch and book your full licence: A1, A2/DAS. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please note: For your safety you must be able to communicate in English & have a basic knowledge of the highway code to complete any training with MTS. You must also wear appropriate clothing and footwear and without this you will be sent away and forfeit your training and fees. The list is non exhaustive but includes a minimum of jeans without holes, rips, tears, not shorts, skirts or track suits, and you must have boots (non steel toe cap) for all training beyond CBT, and sturdy footwear (ideally boots non steel toe cap), not sandals, Crocs, deck shoes or similar for CBT.

Book Your Free Assessment

For more information on any of our courses, including A1, A2, DAS (Category A) or CBT training, call us today: Crawley: 01293 850802 Burgess Hill: 01444 246714 / East Grinstead: 01342 890006, or visit our Contact page for details.



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.