A1/A2/DAS Full Motorcycle Licence Information

A1, A2 & DAS Motorcycle Licence Categories

(You need a CBT & motorcycle theory to book a course. MTS packages include the CBT but not the theory.)

Motorbike lessons, motorcycle training, bike licence, direct access training, so many different ways to put it, but what you really want to know is "How can I learn to ride a motorcycle", "How much are motorbike lessons" and "can I learn to ride a motorcycle on my provisional licence"

Well, we're here to guide you through it each step of the way, and yes you can learn on either your full car driving licence or a provisional licence.  The type of training you can do depends on your age and riding experience, and how much learning to ride a motorbike will cost depends on how much training you need:

A1 Licence - over 17 years of age

Motorcycle must be at least 120cc and no more than 125cc, power not to exceed 11kw (14.6bhp), Capable of at least 90km/h (55mph). The bike you test on is the maximum size you will be permitted to ride, if you want to ride anything bigger you must do A2 or DAS depending on your age.

A2 Licence - 19 to 23 years old.

A motorcycle without side car, of at least 245cc with a power output between 25 and 35 Kw (33bhp and 46.6 bhp). No upper engine size limit, but the power to weight ratio must not exceed 0.2kW/kg and it must not be derived from a motorcycle of more than double its power. The size of the bike you test on is the maximum size you will be permitted to ride, if you want to ride anything bigger you must do DAS after 2 years of holding an A2 licence or when you become 24.

DAS (Category A) Licence- 24 & over (You do not need to complete A1 or A2 prior to DAS as long as you are 24 years of age.)

Motorcycle without side car, must be at least 595cc with a power output of at least 40kw or (53.6bhp).

DAS: Once you pass your Direct Access you are allowed to ride any size bike you choose to with no restriction on size, weight etc.

What You Need

"Do I need to book a motorbike theory test?"

For all Full licence courses you need to have a current licence, full car or provisional licence (or A1/2 full licence for Accelerated Access) with the appropriate motorcycle category, a current CBT (not necessary for Accelerated Access) and a valid bike theory test certificate (unless you have held a restricted licence for 2 years or more).

Motorcycle Theory Test

Before taking your motorcycle practical test you must have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test. You can book a suitable day & time for your theory test here.

The Motorcycle Test

The practical test consists of two practical test modules. The tests do not have to be taken on the same day.

Module 1 Practical Test

The Module 1 Practical Test requires you to complete a series of manoeuvres at the DVSA test centre, which lasts approximately 15/20 minutes.

Currently these manoeuvres include:

Manual Handling:
Pushing your bike into a parking bay - technique not muscle power!
Slow riding through a slalom of 5 cones
Figure of eight:
Slow riding around 2 cones to form a figure of 8
Slow Ride:
Riding slowly across the test pad
Turning the bike in in the simulated road area of the test pad
Riding the bike round a left or right curve
Controlled Stop:
Stopping the bike under control in a designated area
Emergency Brake:
Stopping the bike as in an emergency whilst travelling at 50kph/32mph
Hazard Avoidance:
Riding the bike around a hazard (cone) at 50kph/32mph

After the test there is a de-brief explaining the test results.


Module 2 Practical Test

Module 2 is a road ride (approx. 35/40 minutes) where the examiner follows you whilst giving you directions.

Prior to the module 2 test the examiner will check your eyesight and ask you a few safety related questions. Don’t worry, these will have been covered during your training with MTS Sussex.

The Module 2 test (road ride) will cover various things such as town riding, roundabouts and possibly dual carriageways and country lanes etc. A chance for you to put into good practice all you have become familiar with during your training.

Finally, the de-brief with your instructor and examiner about the ride and how well you have done, including any tips for your riding in the future.

Please note: For your safety you must be able to communicate in English & have a basic knowledge of the highway code to complete any training with MTS. You must also wear appropriate clothing and footwear and without this you will be sent away and forfeit your training and fees. The list is non exhaustive but includes a minimum of jeans without holes, rips, tears, not shorts, skirts or track suits, and you must have boots (non steel toe cap) for all training beyond CBT, and sturdy footwear (ideally boots non steel toe cap), not sandals, Crocs, deck shoes or similar for CBT.

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Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.