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New Rider Training Course

Compulsory Basic Training


Thanks for booking your training with MTS Sussex. We look forward to the journey ahead with you.

To make sure things run smoothly for us both, we have the following Terms & Conditions which we would appreciate you taking a few moments to read before signing and bringing with you on the first day of training with us.

Please note: by booking with MTS Sussex, you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions set out as follows:

Please also note: For your safety you must be able to communicate in English & have a basic knowledge of the highway code to complete any training with MTS. You must also hold a UK drivers licence (or UK counterpart) and wear appropriate clothing and footwear and without this you will be sent away and forfeit your training and fees. The list is non exhaustive but includes a minimum of jeans without holes, rips, tears, not shorts, skirts or track suits, and you must have boots (non steel toe cap) for all training beyond CBT, and sturdy footwear (ideally boots non steel toe cap) not sandals, Crocs, deck shoes or similar for CBT.

Payments (credit/debit card/cash)

  • As we have limited spaces on all CBT and one day only courses, we ask for payment in full at the time of booking
  • Full licence courses (DAS/A2/A1) require either a £200.00 non-returnable deposit upon booking to reserve your place, or full payment please if the booking is made less than 14 working days of course start date.
  • After receipt of your deposit we ask for the balance to be paid 14 working days prior to the commencement of your training. Unfortunately due to bank charges MTS cannot accept payment by Cheque.
    MTS Sussex Customer Cancellation/No Show Policy
  • There is a set syllabus for the CBT, which means we need to be strict on arrival time to ensure we cover everything in detail, therefore customers arriving late for the CBT will unfortunately not be able to complete the training, and will forfeit the full cost of the CBT without refund or credit note.
  • As course spaces are limited, if a customer needs for any reason to cancel / postpone their CBT or any other ‘One day course’, MTS ask for a minimum notice of 7days to be able to issue a full refund or to reschedule (minus £25.00 admin fee plus any applicable test fees in either case).
  • With any other training MTS will have allocated an instructor in advance, so should a customer need to cancel / postpone their training, we ask for 14 working days notice to issue a full refund (minus a £200 deposit and £25 admin fee plus any applicable test fees). For monies paid to be held for rescheduling (admin & test fees as above may apply) we also ask for a 14 working day notice. If the training is booked within 14 working days prior to the start date, we will have allocated an instructor and reserved the place for you on the course, so unfortunately the full amount must be paid upon booking and no refund will be issued if the course is then cancelled.
  • If the customer cancels training without giving 14 working days notice the above applies and we will not be able to issue a refund or reschedule thus all monies paid are NON REFUNDABLE.
  • If a customer decides to end their training during any part of the course, as their place on that course will have been reserved for them, unfortunately no amount of monies will be refunded, nor will any monies be held for any future training or purpose.

MTS Sussex/DVSA Cancellation Policy

  • If under their duty of care an MTS instructor deems it necessary to cease training and /or in the case of CBT, does not issue the customer with a DL196 certificate and / or further training is recommended, no refund or credit note will be due and any further training will incur a cost.  Please remember it will be a decision made for your own safety.
  • The above also applies if incorrect / incomplete paperwork is provided for training or if the customer has no / insufficient Highway Code knowledge
  • The above also applies if a customer arrives wearing inappropriate clothing.
  • Government figures state 1 in 5 candidates do not complete the CBT on the first attempt, so please be aware if you do not safely complete all exercises or cannot achieve the standard set out by the DVSA, you will be required to rebook and pay for any further training and no refunds partial or otherwise will be made.
  • If any part of your training is cancelled by MTS Sussex for reasons other than the above, you will be offered alternative dates to complete your training. If this is not suitable a refund covering the remaining training time only will be made.
  • Please note however if this is due to unsafe weather conditions, then any rescheduled training offered will not be refundable and tests will be chargeable to the customer if they have not been rescheduled directly between MTS & the DVSA. No refund will be due in such circumstances.
  • MTS Sussex and the instructors are bound by a duty of care and if a customer becomes a danger to themselves or the public, and MTS Sussex cancel any further training due to this, no refund or credit note is due.
  • MTS Sussex is not responsible for any DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) test cancellations or failures. It remains the customer’s responsibility to book any retest and/or seek any appropriate compensation directly.
  • Any deposit / payment made for training that is cancelled or postponed by customer or MTS Sussex within timescales previously mentioned, will be held by MTS Sussex for a maximum of 3 months from the original booking date, after this no monies will be refundable and any future training will be subject to full charge.
  • MTS Sussex offer free assessments and the provision of booking the CBT ahead of any further training to avoid any error in customers booking incorrectly. Therefore MTS cannot be held responsible if a customer gives incorrect or misleading information resulting in inappropriate training being booked, or if a customer books training to commence immediately following a CBT whereby the customer fails to reach the appropriate standard to attain their DL196, thus cannot continue the training. In this instance all monies will be forfeit and any further training will be charged at full rate.

Customer Document & Clothing Responsibilities
It is a legal requirement that all necessary & relevant documentation is valid and remains in the customers possession throughout their training. This includes:

  • During CBT – photo card or passport with older style paper licence with category A or P
  • Assessments – As above
  • Training for full (and/or restricted) licence – As above plus a valid CBT certificate & a valid motorcycle theory test certificate.
  • Any other training – A valid full UK driving licence with category A (and passport with older style paper licence).
  • If the customer uses their own moped or motorbike for any training with MTS Sussex, they are also required to show – current MOT if vehicle is over 3 years old, valid insurance policy (min third party,) and the bike must have valid road fund licence and display L plates front and rear if applicable ie: customer is a learner rider.
  • As a road user everyone is required to be able to read a registration plate at 20.5 meters or 67ft with glasses or contact lenses if worn.
  • Please be sure to meet the above requirements and ensure you have all the correct documents prior to booking and training as without these MTS will unfortunately be unable to continue with your training / tests, and as such no refund will be payable and any rescheduled training will be at full cost.
  • As motorcycle clothing can be expensive and often bought at the time of the bike purchase, MTS Sussex may provide motorbike jackets, helmets, gloves, hi viz vests and waterproof over trousers for customer to use during their training. For hygiene reasons we do not offer boots or motorcycle trousers that are worn against the skin. It is a DVLA requirement for every candidate to wear boots on test, we are unable to present you to test without, so please ensure you have suitable footwear during training and when going to test with us. It remains the responsibility of the customer to wear suitable attire throughout their training as MTS Sussex cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage through wearing items provided or not.
  • For the customers own safety, should they arrive wearing inappropriate clothing / footwear, MTS Sussex reserve the right to cancel training without refund, and any rescheduled training will be charged at full cost.
    Wellbeing (Medical conditions & Special needs)
    For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, it is essential that MTS Sussex is made aware of any medical conditions or any special needs that may affect the customer during training. Although it shouldn’t prohibit training, it is essential that the instructor is aware of any condition that may affect the student. Please discuss any conditions / concerns at the time of booking to ensure your safety throughout the training. Failure to disclose any medical condition / special needs could mean the training is compromised and may result in MTS cancelling at the expense of the customer.

Highway Code Basic Knowledge

For your own safety, it is essential that before you do ANY training with MTS Sussex, YOU MUST HAVE BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHWAY CODE, and before you can take your bike test you need to have passed your THEORY TEST, which we recommend you do prior to any training beyond the CBT.

Insurance Excess / Damage or Loss to Bikes & Equipment

  • Personal insurance to cover cancellations, accident or personal injury and /or loss of work or any other kind are the responsibility of the customer and MTS Sussex are under no circumstances liable. MTS Sussex recommends customers make their own arrangements for such if they feel it necessary to be covered.
  • During any training with MTS Sussex customers must accept whilst using the training schools bikes and equipment, they are liable to pay an excess of the first £350 (whilst using a moped) the first £500 (whilst using a bike up to & including 125cc) and whilst training on any motorcycle over 125cc they are liable to pay an excess of the first £750 for any loss or damage to machines or equipment caused during training sessions.
  • We do not claim through the insurance for any minor bumps or scrapes as hope the customer will be reasonable enough to make payment covering such things. For example if a mirror costing £15 was damaged, we would appreciate the customers courtesy of offering payment to replace it rather than being asked.
  • Whilst training with MTS Sussex, should any customer become involved in or cause an accident or incident due to not following instructions or by becoming separated from the instructor, the insurance will be invalidated and ALL COSTS including the full recovery & repair of the vehicles involved will be the customers responsibility.
  • It is a forever changing world, therefore prices and T’s & C’s may change at any time without prior notification. MTS Sussex T’s & C’s apply to all training booked including wrong training and cancellation policy.
  • Half day rate is chargeable for the first half hour of any morning and / or afternoon to cover costs incurred on that day.

Last updated 24/04/17