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Well I’m sure most of you would have heard the PM’s announcement last evening, the good news is the first step forward is to encourage people who cannot work from home to return to their place of work, obviously using sensible caution, and he is encouraging people not to use public transport – so for us it should be a win / win situation – not only can we not train you all from home, but we are a key provider to people using their own means of transport!

Although the DVSA decided not to supply bike tests for any riders since they suspended training, we hope this will change, and they will support the governments decision to get the UK moving again. That said, we still await confirmation from the DVSA, but optimistically I am sure they are as eager to help the nation move forward as we are to get your wheels turning again / for the first time!

As soon as we have heard from them we will announce a reopening date and be in touch with everyone who has been patiently awaiting the moment!

Stay safe everyone and watch this space!


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.