Three times a hero!


Well here is a story to be told – a good few years back Baljit Dheansa was a true zero to hero with MTS.  Having never ridden a bike before he completed his CBT and A2 with us. A few years later, what a shock I had when Balj appeared at my hospital bedside and became my surgeon after I’d been involved in an RTA, what’s the chances of that?! He successfully ‘put me back together’ to the point everyone said would never happen; where I could ride again – so once again, he was a true hero! Now here we are many years on and Balj decided to upgrade from his A2 licence to DAS, and this week did us all proud to pass with a clean sheet (zero minors) – a massive congratulations to you Balj, our ‘three times a hero’ rider!

I originally met Nikki and Matt a few years ago when I decided to take up biking having never ridden before. I chose them because they had good reviews but were also very efficient and organised in a way that made them stand out. I did my CBT with them and found myself really enjoying the learning experience because of their approach, sense of humour and very effective teaching methods. I came back to them to do my A2 and again found it fun, individualised and a great learning experience. I then spent a few years enjoying riding my 500cc bike before getting my full A license. There was no other choice than MTS for me and I spent a couple of days getting great expert tuition from Matt. It’s amazing how much you can gain from an expert teacher even if you have been riding a while and I certainly appreciated the way that Matt notices what you do and then delivers his teaching in a way that allows you to “get it” easily. It goes without saying that I passed with and it just would not have been possible without Matt and Nikki. If you are at any stage of your biking timeline and want to progress then MTS should be top of your list. They make learning fun but even more importantly teach you to be safe and effective riders in no time. I can’t recommend them enough.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.