The smile says it al!


Now there’s a smile you won’t forget – Terry Lomas started with us in September doing his CBT, he fell for riding bikes from that moment and booked his DAS, the rest just fell into place for Terry of Hove, (well apart from a brief lockdown period of course!) None the less, after 4 days training he is the proud owner of a full motorcycle licence – no restrictions now Terry, just get that bike and ride to your hearts content! From what I hear it was a pretty decent ride on the mod2 as well, so keep that up and enjoy every mile ahead!

Many Thanks, what a journey for a 55year ! It all started back in September, only after my son Ben had pestered me into getting my full licence. CBT, followed by both Mod 1, and Mod 2.

What can I say but a MASSIVE thankyou to all at MTS , a special thanks goes to Ian and Big Max! 

A refresher training day for Mod2 on Wednesday was an absolute must for any Mod 2 retakes and what a day it turned out to be fantastic advice and instruction  and encouragement throughout the day, Thursday `Test Day’ and early start with Big max, the day started,  we then had to return to the test centre as my lights failed on my favoured bike, we swapped bikes, well this really put me on edge, but all turned out well with an hour to go and  Big Max reassured me this was the day, my riding had improved greatly. And as you know and to top it all off I passed. What a great feeling being told you passed especially by the examiner who failed you on the last attempt.

Thanks Again to all at MTS  – great review Terry, thank you, and how typical is it that the light fuse goes on test day, and on your favourite bike too, unbelievable – I guess it took your mind off the test haha, once again a big well done from us all!!!!



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.