Terrific pass for Adam Teasdale!


Amazing pass for Adam of Edenbridge, another newbie who started with a new rider course last year, onto the CBT followed by the theory and now, sunshine and al, a DAS pass – and a fab result too fella, well done, we look forward to seeing you riding round on your own///// Triumph maybe, mmmm what will he choose?!!!!

Another great Google review, thanks Adam: I passed my CBT and DAS with MTS they have been fantastic throught the whole experience. MTS have host of knowledgeable and friendly instructors, who make each day fun and enjoyable. The CBT was a full day learning the basics from the classroom to the practical, both the instructors were patient and encouraging. The DAS was 4 days training which helped give me the confidence to take the exams. Special thanks to Nikki, Matt, Max and Ric for making my training so enjoyable. I would highly recommend MTS


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.