Rob Lewis loving that feeling!


It sure is a great feeling too isn’t Rob, a full motorcycle licence, and right on top of the summer too – talk about perfect timing! Now you have that pass you can go out on your own two wheels and enjoy the freedom – ride safe fella!

Thanks for all your support in my journey from CBT to getting my full bike license. I’ve enjoyed most of it. (apart from failing MOD 1). I fell into biking by helping to encourage a friend to do her CBT. She didn’t have the confidence to do it on her own and so I went with her. Once in the saddle I was hooked. You have a great team of trainers who were always supportive and encouraging. (Specifically Satnav, Old Max, Young Max, and Ian) I’ve moved onto a Triumph Speedmaster 865cc which currently scares me a little but that’s no bad thing. I’ve been taught to ride safely. Getting used to the bigger bike and then I’ll be in touch for some advanced training. Hopefully my wife will be in touch with you soon to do her CBT and take over my old 125cc.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.