Right on for Ricky!


Against all odds Ricky Snowden of Crawley passed his DAS first time round – a perfect pass too! So, having done his CBT with us, passing his theory then onto the 4 day course, at which point a ‘deep clean’ resulted in his CBT certificate disappearing just before his course – never mind, a duplicate issued, but in his excitement he left his wallet with licence in Crystal Palace the night before starting – someone was conspiring against him, and it always comes in threes they say, as it did because he rocked up on the day (having returned to London to get his wallet at the crack of dawn) without his boots!!!!  Back home and eventually, with licence, CBT and boots, Ricky was ready to rock and roll! What a start hey buddy!  But the end result was perfect and went exactly to plan and now it’s time for Ricky to buy some trousers that fit(sorry couldn’t resist that Ricky!!!)  And Ricky left us a lovely Google review, thanks buddy:Having completed my cbt in 2022 with MTS I decided to get through my DAS this week. I didn’t make it easy, lost cbt certificate, misplaced licence, forgotten boots, Lou and the team handled my ever growing list of issues with aplumb. I have always been anxious about any formal situation or training or tests but the laid back family feel to MTS washed away those nerves from day 1. Lou, the pug mascot Nel, Max Rick, Holland and finally ‘the other Max’ got me through 3 days riding with a 4th day Mod 1 and Mod 2 pass. Id happily go back to just have a ride around with the instructors. You guys are awesome.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.