Result for Russell!


The perfect result for Russell Cox of Burgess Hill, after the 2 training days he is now free to ride any bike he likes, he will miss his noisy Mutt, but he won’t look back that’s for sure!

Thanks for the great Google review Russell: Very welcoming, friendly and experienced team, the training was excellent and gradually built up the skills required, giving me the confidence I needed to pass – my car driving has improved as well!  The advice given and the opportunity to practice on the actual Test Centre grid was key to my passing the Module 1 and the road practice following typical test routes highlighted the areas to be aware of for the Module 2.  The Yamaha MT 07 seating position was ideal for me (6′ 2″) and gave a very comfortable ride – I felt at home on the bike straight away (I had previously trained on a Suzuki 650 but I wasn’t really happy with the raked back seating position). Thanks you MTS – definitely recommended 🙂


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.