Poetic Justice – or not…read on!


I will apologise now Adam Gaymer for the poetry bestowed upon us from our dear MrG – great instructor, luckily as his other talent needs some working on!

So 3 days and a pass first time, well done Adam, was it the thought of spending more time with MrG that made you get through so well?!!!!

With a name like that
Should be a player.
But with his crash hat
He becomes mod1 slayer.
In the Italian where he sat
Double portion pasta layer
Watch the tums we might get fat
Who cares when you’re the bill payer.

Squiffy took out young ADAM
Testing on yammy M T oh seven.
Didn’t care or give A DAMn
(See what I did there)
Fuel tank not empty or in Devon
Missed the ditches and A DAM
(What again….. I must have flair)
Module 2 was in heaven.



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.