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No L’s Day fun for Nik.


Another great day out for Nik Lanik, having passed his DAS with MTS at the beginning of July Nik opted for one of our exclusive ‘No L’s days’ before he picked up his new bike, and it sounds like he had fun and wants to come back and do it all again on his own motorbike: Today I had a great day our with Ian on the MT-07, we covered around 100 miles or so and most importantly I learnt a lot about where I need to position my bike during sweeping bends. In addition getting more hours in when it comes to scooting low speeds in traffic situations.  THANK YOU Ian!

And I did tell Ian I’ll be back another time probably with my own bike!
No L’s days are a fantastic way to take your riding to the next level having passed your test. No pressure of keeping up with your buddies who have years of experience and confidence, just a day to tweak and improve safe smooth and enjoyable riding – making you ready for that Wednesday evening and Sunday morning blatt with the gang!


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.