Never Too Good | Episode 1: Back To School

So here we have the first in the series of  ‘Never Too Good’, set at Castle Combe, Chaz Davies, the world Supersport champion and Alan Davies a well known comedian and self confessed ‘bike racing nut’ are on a course to sharpen up their road riding skills!

Chaz has been riding since he was 6, and professionally since 15, but amazingly has only had 4 days experience of riding on the road, the rest has been on track! Chaz passed his motorcycle test recently and wants to “tootle up the mountains” on his Ducati Diavel, he has joined Alan and a few others for some tuition from Mike Addison (RoSpa), who says it sounds ridiculous teaching the ‘Track master’ how to ride safely on the road!

Alan Davies, has held his licence for about a year now, but doesn’t have a bike at the moment, he’s riding a Ducati Multistrada, and apparently riding it like he’s on track! But with little road experience and a thirst for speed, does Alan have what he needs to corner those bends without too many heart in the mouth moments?

It looks like the guys have great fun learning positioning, planning and consistency, as Chaz is told he could have followed through with the overtake and Alan that he’s hunting the apex too much – opposite to what I had expected from these two.

It does go to prove however, that despite what you ride, and how well you ride it, there’s always chance to learn more.
With the roads forever changing, traffic on the increase and vehicles doing more for the driver than ever before, todays motorcyclist needs to be sharp and tuned into whatever ride they’re on.

Follow the complete story here on our site, each episode is a different lesson covering from ‘back to school’ (the basics) through to steering ‘look lean & roll’ and ‘roadcraft’ which needs no explanation.



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.