Lovely result for Liv!


Wow, what an amazing result for Olivia Volynkina of Burgess Hill, with her husband passing with us a few months back Liv got the bug to get in the saddle herself.  So, after a couple of new riders and CBT, Liv decided to buy one of our MT07’s  as incentive and now gets to ride it as she passed her Mod2 today!

A lovely review from iv, thanks: My husband started with mts after hearing amazing feedback from our next door neighbour, who trained with Rick for his further training. This then spurred me on to try out a “few” new rider training courses with Rick and Max, both excellent trainers who put me at ease and understood exactly what I needed as a new rider. I was hooked at this point to do my cbt. After 2 tries, and a pass from Rick, I made it! I rode every day to gain confidence, and soon grew bored of my low powered 125. Wanting further training, I did a 4 day course under the very proficient Holland and Neil, who were extremely supportive and patient.  All in all, I could not have done my training without the marvelous support, Know how and skills of MTS. Thank you everyone so much and see you soon hopefully for a no L’s day!


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.