Lovely pass for Nick of Lancing!


Well done to Nick Ayling of Lancing, he did a CBT in 2019, back for a renewal this year then onto his DAS which he passed first time round, and here is his Google story:
Hi Team, firstly I want to extend my utmost appreciation to you all in getting me to my target of a full motorcycle licence. My apologies if I miss anyone out but special thanks to Holland and Jason for my first (2 years ago) and second CBT sessions, followed by Jason, little Max, Ian on my three days training and little Max, big Max on my big day thanks also to Rick for helping with some questions at the test centre.
Why did I want to get a licence? Way back in 1971 I was riding a 1965 Lambretta TV175 which I inherited from my older brother and decided to do my test which I had to cancel due to an unscheduled dismount. I rebooked it but unfortunately was still in bed when I should have been on my test, sadly I never bothered to go back and went on to cars passing my test in 1972. My brother and I used to go to the annual Motorcycle shows in the Argicultural Halls in London and I loved the Norton Commandos, Triumphs, and BSAs and have always wanted to ride one of these bikes ever since. Girl friends, wives, children, mortgages, grandchildren and divorce took care of my life along with golf until I was nearing retirement when I decided it is now or never. So hear we are today and I’m now looking forward to getting my 1979 750 Triumph Bonneville T140E (which I bought 15 months ago) running sweet and enjoying the experiences of cruising the roads.


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