Thank you all for your patience, we apologise this is so drawn out and we haven’t been able to offer any answers so far, however we are, as you know at the mercy of the DVSA!
The DVSA has announced All driver and rider training and tests will be suspended in England from 5 November until 2 December 2020.  So, we are unable to conduct any training/tests during the lockdown period.  All training/tests booked for dates within the lockdown period are now on hold until we are permitted to reschedule once lockdown is lifted. Training beyond the current lockdown period will continue as planned, unless lockdown is extended, in which case we will be in touch.

NEW RIDER & CBT’s: Feel free to select a future date to reschedule to (beyond 02/12/20) from our online calendars but we ask that you email your request please to enable us to reschedule you.

ALL OTHER TRAINING: Rescheduling your training/tests will be dictated by the Government/DVSA, there are various scenarios, please note the following as we really will not be able to respond individually to questions about your training:
1: If your test(s) are before 05/11/20 you will still be able to take your test so please arrive as scheduled.
2: If you have training prior to 05/11 but tests on/after 05/11 we can complete your training and reschedule just your tests once lockdown is finished or we can reschedule your whole course – we will be in touch this afternoon to discuss this option.
3:If you have training that falls within the lockdown and tests outside of it we will have to reschedule both training and tests. Again, we cannot tell you when this will be until we have answers from the DVSA regarding test availability in the future – however we are eager to get you rescheduled so will do our utmost to reschedule at the earliest opportunity we have.
4: If your training & tests fall within lockdown we will have to reschedule the entire course, We cannot tell you when this will be at the moment, but please remain assured we are eager to get you rescheduled so will do our utmost to do so at the earliest opportunity we have.
5: If your training/tests fall outside the current lockdown, we hope the DVSA do not cancel all future tests beyond the lockdown period this time as they did in March, in which case we will be able to continue as scheduled.  However, if they do cancel all future tests / if lockdown is extended, we will have to reschedule your training/tests accordingly. Until we hear from the DVSA it is impossible for us to confirm either way, but as soon as we have an answer we will be in touch.
We have no idea at the moment of the DVSA plans regarding future tests (outside lockdown period) or the rescheduling of tests cancelled during lockdown, so sadly, we cannot answer any questions relating to this until we have the answers.  Please await further correspondence from us, as / when we are able to offer a resolve each of you will be notified.  We politely ask that you do not contact us with reference to your training/tests/rescheduling as we will not be able to respond to individual / repeated emails / calls. We will notify you immediately when we can reschedule you.
We will keep you up to date as best as we can via our facebook page / website and once we can reopen we will email you.
Any CBT’s theory tests & Mod1 passes will not be extended! (The Government once again stands to profit millions of pounds through retests and renewals.) The DVSA are not allowing any training or tests for key/critical workers!
Meanwhile, we hope you understand we are not able to respond individually as we too are confined from the office!
Keep safe and we look forward to seeing you soon!



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.