Sadly as we’re sure you are aware Sussex becomes a Tier 4 county at midnight boxing day, which means under government legislation, from 26/12/20, we are unable to operate until the county returns to a Tier 3 or lower. 
If you have training booked on or after 26/12/20, please do not attend as no training will be allowed. Your training/tests will remain on hold until the DVSA confirms the restriction is lifted, at which point we will be in touch to reschedule you.
If you have training booked for a date after the lockdown is lifted, it will remain the same.
We do not have any idea how long this will last but will be keeping a close eye on any future announcements and as soon as we have a date to resume training you will hear from us.
We respectfully ask you not to contact us in the meantime as we will not be able to answer your questions at this stage, but rest assured as soon as we can get your wheels turning, you will hear from us.
REGARDING THEORY TESTS, MOD1’S ALREADY PASSED & CBT’S: if they expire during this lockdown you will have to renew them, the government will not extend any of them.    Please be aware, if you have full licence training and tests (A1, A2 & DAS) booked and your theory or CBT expire during lockdown you will have to renew them prior to us rescheduling your course.
If you have passed the Mod1 but it expires during lockdown, you will have to pass the Mod1 again prior to completing the Mod2, and if your theory expires, it also means your Mod1 expires with it, so both will have to be completed again prior to taking a Mod2.
Similarly, they will not allow any key / critical worker training/tests throughout lockdown.
We thank you for your patience and understanding through this situation, and hope you have a Merry Christmas despite the unwelcome news.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.