Fantastic start to February for Mike!


What a great way to start not just the week but the month too – a DAS pass with just two minors for Michael Bateman of Crawley – congratulations Mike, now ride safe and enjoy!

Mike would like to share a few words with you all:

I completed my first CBT with a school near Croydon using a Groupon voucher. CBT certificates only last for two years and I needed a new one to continue using my 125 for commuting. I contacted a few schools and things lined up best with MTS which suited me as they had good reviews. The way that MTS handled the CBT training was another level in comparison to the first CBT I completed and off the back of the massively positive experience I decided I would complete my DAS with MTS. My instructor was Ric and he was fantastic! it’s pretty obvious that Ric has a real passion for motorbikes and I think this helps to make him an amazing instructor: he knows and loves the subject matter, he explains what you need to do but also takes the time to try to ensure you fully understand why you need to do it (that last bit is so important!). He’s also a good laugh which helped to make the entire experience more enjoyable. I don’t want to belittle Ric in anyway, because he is an excellent instructor, but I think all his good qualities are typical for MTS instructors: my CBT was led by Matt and Max and I would say similar things about both of them and to be honest and that is exactly why I wanted to do my DAS with MTS.



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.