DVSA motorbike tests suspended – MTS training to continue!


So you may have heard – the DVSA have announced suspension of all bike tests for up to 12 weeks – We are eager to resume normality and get everyone’s wheels turning again, and we do consider our role to be low risk; helmet, gloves, fresh air and being somewhat isolated on a motorbike. Therefore, in accordance with government guidelines, we will continue all New Rider Training, CBTs, A1, A2, DAS, back to biking and so on. During the ‘non test period’ we also offer any single A1 / A2 / DAS days at the reduced rate of £120, which means if you want to keep ‘in the zone’ between now and your deferred test day just let us know and we can keep your riding skills topped up!

We are pleased to confirm the NRTC’s & CBTs are currently unaffected by this and will go ahead as planned regardless of any full licence training/tests being deferred.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.