Covid V Training – Update 31/12/20

#covid-19 update

Due to the latest Government Covid-19 restrictions we are closed until Sussex returns to a Tier 3 or lower.
If your training is during lockdown please do not attend as your training/tests are on hold until the restriction is lifted, at which point we will be in touch to reschedule you.
If we return to tier 3 before your training starts, please attend as planned – your training/tests will not be affected.

If after Burgess Hill returns to a tier 3, your licence is registered in a tier 4 area you will not be allowed to complete your training as per DVSA guidelines (even if it is an old/out of date address) so please email us if this happens.

If you have a NRTC/CBT booked please refer to your last email (30/12/20) which contains rescheduling information.
Politely we advise you the office is shut during lockdown, if your enquiry is regarding anything other than rescheduling, please email us at ‘[email protected]‘ and we will respond as soon a we can. Please do not enquire about rescheduling your current training, whilst we appreciate you are eager to know when this will happen, we are unable to answer until the restriction is lifted.  Do rest assured we will be in touch as soon as we possible.

NRTC/CBT can be booked online. Should you book and the date fall into another/extended lockdown we will reschedule you without any additional cost.
REGARDING THEORY TESTS, MOD1’S ALREADY PASSED & CBT’S: if they expire during this lockdown you will have to renew them, the government will not extend any of them. Please be aware, if you have full licence training and tests (A1, A2 & DAS) booked and your theory or CBT expire during lockdown you will have to renew them prior to us rescheduling your course.
If you have passed the Mod1 but it expires during lockdown, you will have to pass the Mod1 again prior to completing the Mod2, and if your theory expires, it also means your Mod1 expires with it, so both will have to be completed again prior to taking a Mod2. Similarly, they will not allow any key / critical worker training/tests throughout lockdown.

Team MTS thank you for your patience and understanding through this situation, we look forward to training with you in the future.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.