Bravo for Ben of Crawley!


Here we have Ben Evans from Crawley – he came to us earlier this year for a new rider training course to see if he enjoyed riding, and guess what, he did! So after a CBT in the summer and a 4 day DAS course he walks away with his full motorcycle licence – a big well done to you Ben, you definitely deserved that pass!

Initially booked my CBT with MTS towards the end of 2020, i was impressed with the day and went into my CBT with no prior on-road biking experience as this was my first time. I was impressed enough that during summer 2021 i booked up my 4 day DAS for October 2021 with MTS. The training was spot on and clearly good enough that i passed both my Mod1 and Mod2 tests on the same day with the Mod2 resulting in zero riding faults, this is honestly a credit to the training i received as i can assure you that on day 1 of training i was a long way from passing a test and riding safety.
Max was my instructor for the 4 days, his teaching style is really good, he has the ability to go out on a 2 hour ride and at the end debrief on the entire route from memory which is super valuable when needing to learn on improvements needed for passing your test, this is unique that i doubt you would be able to benefit from elsewhere. Not only are MTS teaching you to get through your tests you will also be taught how to ride confidently providing lots of help that is useful for years ahead.
If you’re looking for a relaxed training environment that will provide you with the best chances of passing your test and obtaining your licence then my advice would be to go through MTS as they will be able to get you there regardless of your experience. It should also be noted that the experience with MTS is made to be fun, they clearly want their customers to enjoy the process, it’s certainly not boring or too serious but everything is done with safety at the forefront.
Thank you MTS, Harley Davidson Street Bob is on order and due this week.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.