Alex Flokkas feeling great!


A massive well done to Alex Flokkas for passing DAS alongside Louise, and as we would hate them to feel left out, a wee anecdote from MrG:

Alex and Louise
Drank our coffees and teas
While I checked their T’s and C’s
After paying all their fees
Then to their gods to appease
They prayed on their knees
And searched the seven seas
For an instructor without fleas
(Tho’ his students he did tease)
And an examiner easy to please
Hoped their nerves would not freeze
Or their brakes to cease
They held their wee wees
Whilst riding through the trees
Enjoying a gentle breeze
Dodging the bees
On Yamaha MTs
Of course all tests passed with ease
Without crossing the rivers Dees
Or Tees
Not even wearing skis
Or seeing the Persian king xerxes
Home for scones jam and teas
Beef, carrots and peas.
Holy jeeeze!


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