A ‘smashing time’ (literally!!!) for Hash


Well, what can I say Hash? It’s been eventful if nothing else huh! So, here’s the story of Hashmath Khan from East Grinstead, a man of determination it has to be said: Hash didn’t make it through his first CBT with us in February, so he decided to make the most of our new rider courses until he felt comfortable enough to give the CBT a second go at our Crawley site in May, and all that practice proved worth while as he successfully completed the day and continued practicing by hiring a bike for more experience. With all that behind him, he started really well on his DAS course in June, enjoying the Yamaha MT07, until he decided to try a bit of stunt riding (talk about run before you can walk!!) needless to say, a bit battered but not put off (unlike the bike!!) he ended up realising the clutch really does need the gentle touch. So one MT down, Hash returned for the remainder of his training, and passed both mod1 & mod2 first time round – a fantastic pass, and really well deserved Hash, you didn’t give up and kept smiling the whole way through, it’s been a great journey for us all!  A lovely review on Google from Hash;I decided to embark on my motorcycling journey with MTS Sussex because of their reputation as being one of the best schools in the region. Having completed my CBT and eventually my DAS with them, I can confirm that their reputation is well deserved. I was fortunate to have 4 trainers: Ric, Amanda, Max and Neil. They were all very insightful, patient (maybe not Ric haha), and most of all, they really did make it a fun process! I also want to give a shout out to Lu who runs the show there, as she was always very caring and had a good sense of humour, which was refreshing considering I crashed one of her bikes. All in all, I thoroughly recommend MTS Sussex to anyone thinking about getting on a bike and learning the requisite skills for the road.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.