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New Rider Training Course

Compulsory Basic Training

A challenge to be proud of for MTS


Occasionally we get a challenge other than the normal nerves or inexperience of our folk learning to ride, but this set the bar for MTS, and certainly deserves a huge ‘well done’ to Nix (Nicola Bedwell) of Wivesfield Green.  Nix is totally deaf and always yearned to ride a bike, so when we said pop down and take a seat she was over the moon.

Within no time at all, having never ridden before she completed her CBT, passed her theory and booked her training with us.  So with one to one tuition with our MrG, Nix passed both mod1 and 2 first time.  Fantastic result after a lot of determination, well done Nix!

And to celebrate the occasion here’s a few memorable words from MrG!

She may not hear any noise
Or even like boys
But for young Mark Mossy
She was like Valentino Rossi
Well almost…..
She got past the post….
So that was mod1
Gee what fun.
Next Mod 2
Will I have Mark for that too?
Sorry dear
He’ll be cleaning his gear.
Who will I get then?
That’ll be Ken.
Needless to say
She had a great day
All tests passed
Time went so fast.
Now time to get hopping
and do some shopping
for two wheeled toys
And their riding joys.