New Rider Training Course

Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory Basic Training

safely getting you on two wheels!

CBT’s at our Crawley site just £120

£90 on your bike, £110 £99 (Special offer Feb / Mar!) using our bike, so bike hire, fuel, and certificate all inclusive.

Crawley CBT rider training school

A site for sore eyes!:  Our newest CBT site based at the Mill Academy in Ifield Crawley has everything you need to complete your days training in comfort and safety, including a newly fitted canteen and teaching area.  If the weather is fine we can also enjoy lunch and debriefs etc in the picnic areas outside, so topping up your tan at the same time; life just doesn’t get better than this now does it? As well as male and female instructors, there are separate male and female toilets, and being are less than two minutes walk from the train station and on the direct bus routes in and out of Crawley, it couldn’t be easier to get to.  If you ride or drive already there is ample on road parking too.

Variety of ‘Vrooom’:  We have a selection of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles here for you to use; autos, uprights, and of course cruiser style bikes for anyone vertically challenged or simply after the laid back approach to motorcyling, and with known makes such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki, you know you’re on a safe and reliable machine, especially with a trusted and qualified mechanic looking after our fleet.  So you decide if you want to ‘twist and go go’ or ‘get geared up’ for the occassion!

A day to remember: With the 5 elements of the CBT to get through, it’s a long full day, but we make sure it’s fun at the same time as being safe, so if you’re aiming to commute, ride for pleasure or save on some travelling costs, a CBT with us will teach you the basic skills you need to venture out alone on two wheels. With your safety being our key concern, we are proud to admit we have the three largest CBT sites in the whole of Sussex, what does this mean to you? Nope, not more students to cram into a large area, what this means to you is that you have plenty of room to practice! 

As a family based training school, not only do we hand pick our instructors, we also remember the core factors that we wanted to make us stand out from the rest: quality, enjoyable training. And this is only acheivable with the right team and ratio, so regardless how many students we have in a group we always make sure we still have no more than two to each instructor, not just for the road ride but all through, after all that’s what you need for proper tuition.

‘We have you covered’: with our new stock of protective motorcycle jackets, helmets and gloves for your use as well as waterproof over trousers just in case the good old british summer is predictably as good as ever!  Ready to Ride?:  Our road ride starts on a nice quiet area so no fast roads or major traffic situations to deal with until you’re confidant enough to do so.  Being in constant radio contact with your instructor means you’re in safe hands even out on the road, and with a full two hours, you’ll soon settle down and enjoy the ride and before you know it things will become second nature and you’ll even surprise yourself.  But be warned, once youve been bitten by the biking bug there’s no turning back!!!  So once the road ride is complete you can return for a nice warm cuppa while we debrief and, all being well, complete your CBT certificate before you go home exhausted!

Feel free to book online using our calendar which gives you up to date availability, alternatively call the office on 01293 850802 or complete one of our contact forms if you would like us to get in touch with you.  cy2

Please note: the CBT is designed for your safety, therefore you must have at least a basic knowledge of The Highway Code as you will be using the public highways.

You also need either a full car driving licence or a provisional licence to complete the CBT.

What you need for your CBT

  1. Your valid UK licence with the correct entitlement: category AM, P,Q,A1.  If you have an old style licence please also bring a valid passport for ID.
  2. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please be sure to have them with you (or be wearing them,) as your eyesight will be checked prior to starting the CBT, and unfortunately if you cannot see then we cannot complete your training on the day!
  3. Suitable footwear is essential. For hygiene reasons we do not provide boots, so please wear sensible footwear, sturdy shoes, trainers or best of all boots (preferably not steel toe caps.)
  4. Lunch..yes we will let you eat at some point! You’ll be working hard and hopefully learning lots, so you’ll most definitely have an appetite by lunch time. If you’re not big on packed lunch make sure you bring some money with you as there’s a shop just round the corner.

For more information see our CBT Guide and CBT Frequently Asked Questions.