Back to Biking Motorcycle Training


Many people take a break from motorcycle riding for various reasons - family, work, health, financial, sometimes life just gets in the way. That’s how it happens, but as with most things, it’s easy to get out of the swing of it. A Back To Biking (B2B/Refresher) day is perfect to ease you back in gently at your own pace until you’re comfortable with what you’re doing again. Usually the saying “You never forget how to ride a bike” applies to motorbikes too, but remember, other things change in time; increased traffic, road restrictions, speeds to name a few.

Motorbikes themselves are different from one year to the next let alone between makes and models, I remember the first bike I ever rode, it was worlds apart from bikes as we know them now. So give yourself a chance, it’s likely to be a day of saying “Oh yes I remember now”, but it’s equally likely to be a day of saying “I had forgotten that”. So with emphasis on safety, the day will be, fun and informative, importantly, it’ll get you back on a bike and feeling like that’s where you belong!

Back to Biking with MTS Sussex

At MTS Sussex it will often be one to one with your instructor, never more than 2-1 on your B2B (Back to Biking) day, so the whole day is centred around you getting back into it at a pace that suits you, no pressure, no clock watching, If you fancy stopping for a cuppa any time, that’s cool too, we don’t set targets, we just aim to help you reach your goal.

When you want to get back in the saddle again, give us a call and we can have a chat about your experience and expectations so we tailor the day to suit you, but it’s always flexible, there’s never any hard and fast regime to stick to.

What You Need to Bring:

Please remember to bring your licence with you, and to wear appropriate clothing, although we supply helmets, jackets & gloves, you will need either bike trousers or heavy weight jeans and substantial footwear. If you use your own bike it does need to be legal and roadworthy, and of course insured.

Please note: For your safety you must be able to communicate in English & have a basic knowledge of the highway code to complete any training with MTS. You must also wear appropriate clothing and footwear and without this you will be sent away and forfeit your training and fees. The list is non exhaustive but includes a minimum of jeans without holes, rips, tears, not shorts, skirts or track suits, and you must have boots (non steel toe cap) for all training beyond CBT, and sturdy footwear (ideally boots non steel toe cap), not sandals, Crocs, deck shoes or similar for CBT.  If when in a seated position, you have any bare skin showing between waist and toes we WILL NOT continue with your training. You will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Booking Your Training and Get Back to Biking

To book your training with MTS Sussex call us on 01444 246714, 01293 850802 or 01342 890006, email us at [email protected] or use the on-line contact form.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.