Full Motorcycle Licence FAQ's

Before your practical (Mod1 & 2) tests you will need to have a valid CBT & theory certificate. You are also required to have at least a basic knowledge of the highway code before completing any motorbike training.

No. We automatically book both on the final day of your course unless you request we split them. Be aware if mod1 is unsuccessful you forfeit mod2 and the training time, whereas by splitting them, your mod2 is safe until you pass the mod1.

No, we always have a Mod2 provisionally booked for you with enough time between the tests to change the date with the DVSA without you forfeiting the cost.

Yes, we often break training down over 2 or 3 blocks to allow for family/work commitments

Tests for A1, A2 & DAS are the same.

We endeavour to keep you with the same instructor and bike for continuity throughout all your motorcycle training

If you take the option of booking the Modules on separate days this allows for extra time should you want it.

Absolutely not. Your instructor is dedicated to one course per day, so if you need a little extra time one day, there is no rushing back and missing out. Our new rider training and CBT courses are kept separate for this reason.

Mod1 takes on the expiration of the theory test.

If you do not pass Mod2 before your theory expires then you will have to re sit the theory and re do the Mod1 before doing the Mod2.

We recommend you either complete a CBT, during which time we will assess you and advise how long you need to reach test standard. You can then book the training and we will adjust the cost to reflect the package price. Or if you have a current CBT, we offer a free assessment to make sure you book the correct amount of time. Many people complete the training in 4 days depending on experience, ability and confidence.

We start daily courses from our Burgess Hill site there is a map on the training location tab.

Currently no, you will have to retake both modules on a bigger bike to upgrade.

Yes if you have 2 years on an A2 licence you can step up to DAS before you are 24.

Yes we teach 7 days a week.

Providing you have opted to take the tests on separate days we will book you in for a retest (chargeable) and reschedule the Mod2 without forfeiting any time or money.

No only a take to test fee and the cost of the test unless you choose to book another complete day.

Approx 45 minutes. The actual road ride is a minimum 37 minutes.

Once you have passed yes you can use both, until you pass you can only ride on dual carriageways

We provide motorcycle jackets, gloves and over trousers to keep you warm and dry, however it is always good to layer up if the weather is cold or wet.

We have a brand new fleet of Yamaha MT-07's which are suitable for both DAS and A2 as they're fitted with kits to alter the power between the two categories, and for those shorter peeps amongst us, we have lowered MT's too, so no reason for the 'vertically challenged' not to get their dream come true!  So there is definitely a bike to suit you.

We have a lowered Yamaha MT-07's so anyone with a shorter inside leg, why not pop along and try one for size before deciding which course you book.

Although YouTube may show the manoeuvrers, be aware the Mod1 has changed several times since it originated and what you watch may not be up to date or accurate.

Either the examiner can keep your licence and you will be issued with a new one including the bike category or you can apply for the new one yourself using a form from the post office. The latter must be done within 2 years of passing your test.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.