CBT Frequently Asked Questions

No. At MTS our price is all inclusive of bike hire, fuel (CBT only), helmet, jacket and gloves if you don't have your own (size range between XS-2XL, if you require a size outside this range you must provide your own. However, you must wear a minimum of denim jeans (with no rips) that cover the ankles when in a seated position. You must also wear non canvas boots which also cover the ankles. MTS will not reschedule or refund your training if any clothing/equipment we supply is not suitable for you and own bike bookings must provide their own helmet, jacket & gloves.)

No. Although if you have never ridden before we would always strongly recommend completing a New rider training courses it is optional and by no means a legal requirement, they are designed purely to give you an idea of what is involved in riding a bike, and for confidence building prior to a CBT.

No you only need the theory to complete the practical tests for your full motorcycle licence. It is important however for your own safety and other road users, that you have at least a basic knowledge of the Highway Code.

CBT is designed to be a one day course, please be aware it is not a guranteed success and some people may require more than one attempt to attain the certificate - further attempts are charged at full rate.  We start at 08.15 and finish between 2/5pm depending how people progress. The CBT certificate lasts for 2 years, you must then renew it by attending another CBT course or attain your full licence before the certificate expires.

The end time is merely a guideline, so please allow a whole day for the CBT.

MTS Sussex only ever allow 2 students per instructor for the road ride, we also generally run the same ratio throughout the entire CBT training. Although, due to the size of our training area,  we have been approved by the DVSA to accommodate up to 10 students, we never book more than 8 on a course providing you with quality training to keep you safe.

MTS always run a 2 student to 1 instructor policy all year round for road rides and endeavour to do the same throughout the whole day.

During the CBT we have 50cc & 125cc automatics, Yamaha YBR 125cc & YS125cc manuals, along with Honda CB125fs and for the smaller or vertically challenged, we have Honda Groms MSX125's (low manuals.)

Our Honda Groms (MSX 125’s) are very low and ideal most ‘vertically challenged’ people!

So much more than just a shed! Our CBT training sites in East Grinstead and Crawley have the largest enclosure in West Sussex; over 15000 sq ft to safely practise in, along with full classroom, kitchen and toilet facilities. MTS is the only training school with a CBT site in Crawley itself and our site has two areas, both well over 12000 sq ft each, so ideal for New Rider Courses as well as CBTs. 

No. MTS will not take you straight out onto a 50mph road we value your safety so the first hour of the road ride is spent around a DVSA approved ‘nursery route’ mainly consisting of housing estates, speed humps, mini roundabouts, junctions and slow traffic. We only enter faster roads or heavy traffic situations once we are happy the students are both competent and confident.

You will be in radio contact with your instructor the whole time and they will be giving you directions.

Yes, a provisional or a full car licence with provisional moped / motorcycle entitlement.

No. Nothing on your licence changes, the CBT merely validates the provisional entitlement.

No, not until you have a full motorcycle licence.

You can use dual carriageways but not motorways until you have a full motorcycle licence.


Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.