MTS Sussex Covid Guidance

Whilst we operate In line with government and DVSA Covid regulations, to ensure things run smoothly, and for everyones safety and peace of mind, we ask you adhere to the follow requirements throughout your training:

COVID19: These are requirements set out by the government so sadly if you fail to comply/arrive without the necessary items, we are NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to continue your training, and you will forfeit your training. 
We ARE NOT AUTHORISED TO SUPPLY masks/sanitiser for your use so please do not put us in the awkward position of turning you away and cause yourself disappointment by arriving without them.

We do supply helmets, jackets and gloves, all of which are regularly washed and sanitised, however we strongly recommend that you provide your own if possible.

Please bring a mask and hand sanitiser to use throughout the day, these items are COMPULSORY.  If you want to bring liner gloves they must fit under bike gloves so not rubber or latex or material that sticks . 

We supply ear pieces (not ear bud style) for the road ride which hang on the ear, they do not sit in the ear, however we advise if you have a set of headphones/earpiece with a standard jack fitting such as to your mobile phone, that you bring it with you on the day.

FULL LICENCE TRAINING: As well as the above, on test day you must bring your own pen for signing after the debrief with the DVSA examiner.

Finally, due to the continuing need for social distancing, please maintain a reasonable distance from one another.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to completing your training with you.