New Rider Training Course

Compulsory Basic Training

Motorcycle Training Course Prices:

Please note:

We provide jackets, helmets & gloves (from XS-2XL) at no extra charge. However, for hygiene reasons you must wear your own bike trousers/denim jeans & boots.

No extra charge for weekend training, CBT certificate or splitting the final 'test day'.

Free Assessment:

Guess what, it's free!!!! We'll even make you a cuppa while we chat through your options after the ride out, how about that for service with a smile! You must have a valid CBT and theory to complete an assessment with us.

NRTC - New Rider Training Course:1 or 2 hour 'one to one' or with 'your buddy or 2 buddys!'.

1 hour can be booked online, if you would like to book 2 hours please give us a call: 01444 246714 / 01293 850802 / 01342 890006

£30 for one person / (£60 for 2 hours please call to book)

£55 for two people booked together / (£110 for 2 hours please call to book)

£85 for three people booking together / (£170 for 2 hours please call to book)

CBT (maximum 2:1 on the road ratio) Compulsory Basic Training.

Just £130 per place booked using one of our mopeds/motorbikes (bike hire & fuel included)

£115 using your own bike

£115 CBT Renewal using your own bike

MTS Sussex like to give every student time to learn at their own pace, so it’s vital that we start on time as there is a lot to cover. If you arrive late we may have already started so you will forfeit your training. Please allow sufficient traveling time, and if you think you may have to cancel, let us know as soon as possible, we may be able to fill your place so you won’t forfeit the full amount.  Equally the end time is merely a guideline, so please allow a whole day for the CBT.

Government figures state 1 in 5 candidates do not complete the CBT on the first attempt, so please be aware if you do not safely complete all exercises or cannot achieve the standard set out by the DVSA, you will be required to rebook and pay for any further training and no refunds partial or otherwise will be made.

£30 Conversion from automatic to manual bike (approx 45 mins) / £60 (up to 2 hours including time on the road)

You can book the 1 hour online using NRTC/Conversion, for 2 hours please call the office.

Book your theory test with the DVSA here

If you have lost your theory certificate please email:[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ARRANGE YOUR MOTORCYCLE THEORY TEST FOR YOU: you must complete this independently prior to your A1/A2/DAS training - please use this link to book it.  

A1 / A2 / DAS Courses (maximum 2:1 ratio) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A CBT (see our package prices below to include CBT)

3 day course: £550 with M1 & M2 tests on the final day - ideal for people with a current CBT and regular riding experience on a manual and/or bigger bike

4 day course £650 with M1 & M2 tests on the final day - for people with a current CBT and some experience of riding manual bikes

5 day course £750 with M1 & M2 tests on the final day - suitable for novice riders who were proficient throughout the CBT but maybe less fluid with manoeuvres

Individual daily rate £155.

A1 / A2 / DAS Packages including CBT followed by full licence training and M1 & M2 tests on the final day. (Please see course prices above if you have a current CBT)

(*Our packages include the CBT, however, unless you already ride a manual bike, the CBT must be completed ahead of the remaining training to allow extra CBT time if necessary. Test fees are also included in our package prices)

4 day package: £670

5 day package: £770

6 day package: £870

Accelerated Access: Upgrade from A2 to DAS including M1 & M2

2 days: £375 including M1 & M2 on last day.

RETEST FEES ON ALL ABOVE COURSES: (NOT course fees, this is for people who need a retest due to being unsuccessful after training)

Take to test: quick re-cap (45-60 mins) before test: £80 + test fee (see below.) Or training + afternoon retest: £150 + test fee (see below)

Test fees (set by DVSA) Module one: £15:50 Module two: £75:00 - NB: These are included in our course & package prices.

Please note the above recommendations are general guidelines only,  we offer free assessments to determine the amount of training required. We can also assess you during the CBT, however this does not guarantee success, it is merely a recommendation based on what we see during the assessment/CBT.

No L's Day: MTS Exclusive post test confidence builder (maximum 2:1 ratio)

£150 on your own bike.

£165 Using one of our bikes.

B2B / Refresher: Back to biking day (Maximum 2:1 ratio)

£150 using your own bike.

£165 using our bike.

Other than the New Rider Training and CBT course, fuel is not included and is the responsibility of the student.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're using your own bike: You must provide evidence of current road tax, insurance and MOT (if applicable.) Your bike must be roadworthy and display full size L-Plates front and rear and. Your bike must not have an after market / noisy exhaust, if your instructor deems the bike unacceptable you will forfeit your training unless you hire one of MTS school bikes (if available) and pay the difference in cost. You must wear an approved safety helmet, motorcycle jacket and gloves along with a minimum of sturdy footwear and denim jeans without rips/tears. If you arrive without any of the above you will forfeit your training.

From First Time Rider to Improving Your Motorcycle Skills…

MTS Sussex provides the motorcycle training you need. Call us on 01444 246714, 01293 850802 or 01342 890006, email us at [email protected] or use the on-line contact form.