Our Training Motorbikes

So, the all-important “What will I be riding?” at MTS Sussex…

The CBT Motorcycles

Let's start with New Rider (NRTC) and CBT training motorcycles at MTS Sussex; We’re all different so we figured we would give you a choice, hopefully, we have something to suit everyone. We have various 2 and 4 stroke 50cc automatics which are lightweight and easy to ride, various colours too, blue, black, grey, red-orange, silver, and funky white - apparently it's all about the colour!  All great mopeds to start riding on...there's also......our Automatic 125's, perfect for anyone over 17 who doesn't want to ride a manual bike.


Our 125cc’s. MTS Sussex run Hondas and Yamahas. They’re just mini versions of a big bike, easy to ride, solid & reliable, perfect for New Riders, CBT's and A1 motorcycle lessons. Again, we have white, red, black, silver...you may laugh but many a student has chosen a bike because of the colour - and nope it isn't the ladies!

We also have a few low seat Honda Groms (MSX 125cc) which are really funky fun bikes and even the shortest of peeps generally reach the floor on these little beauties!...


Low Riders

So for those of you preferring a 'lower' motorbike; let's introduce you to one of our 'funky and fun' Honda Groms (MSX 125cc) as 'fashioned here by one of our fan club Henri' These are spot on for those of us slightly vertically challenged…even I can reach the floor on these little beauties!!! (I'm only 5’ tall!)

These are always popular so if you need or want a low ride, please mention it at the time you book as the 'lows' are in 'high' demand!

The Big Ones - A2/DAS Training Motorcycles

We have a fleet of new Yamaha MT-07's suitable for DAS & A2 (using the restriction switch fitted.) If you would like to read a bit more about the MT-07, take a look here

We have a selection of 'lowered bikes for A2 & DAS' making DAS & A2 possible for almost anyone!.  And you can always pop along and take a seat on a low one just to be sure you're comfortable, 

tom c

Our lowered seat Yamaha MT-07's are really popular at MTS reaching the floor is easy, even if you're already pretty low to it normally!

Not to put too finer point on it - but here's Tom, one of our students having no problem getting his leg over!

Reliability and Comfort

Luckily for us at Motorcycle Training School Sussex, having a mechanic on site means all the motorbikes are well maintained and regularly serviced, and if any adjustments need to be made for your comfort, we can usually accommodate this quite easily, so don’t be afraid to ask when it comes to maybe needing a lever moved slightly or the suspension lowered a bit… after all, with MTS Sussex, this is all about you!

From First Time Rider to Improving Your Motorcycle Skills…

For more information on any of our courses, including A1, A2, DAS (Category A) or CBT training, call us today: Crawley: 01293 850802 Burgess Hill: 01444 246714 / East Grinstead: 01342 890006, or visit our Contact page for details.



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.