About Motorcycle Training School Sussex

… where it’s so much more than just passing your test!

How to get a moped licence? How to pass the motorcycle test? I want to book a CBT test or advanced motorbike training, at MTS we're here for you from the very first thought of 2 wheels.  With us, you’ll find every kind of moped, scooter & motorbike lessons that you need. From your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) to A1 (125cc Restricted Licence) to the A2 (now on a restricted MT-07), to DAS (category 'A' aka direct access.)  We run CBT's renewals, ‘Back To Biking’, Free Assessments, and much more.  There is an art to riding the right way, remember it's not the destination but the journey!

As everyone is different, life, work, families all play a big part in our day to day availability, so at MTS Sussex we try to be as flexible as possible with training dates so you don't miss out on your training.

Now before we baffle you with motorbike training information, why not find out who MTS Sussex actually are, why we do what we do, and what it means to us. Then you can decide what you want from your motorbike training.

What Areas Do We Cover?

MTS Sussex is conveniently based both in East Grinstead and Crawley for CBT and Burgess Hill for everything else, being  just outside Haywards Heath we cover all of Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex & Mid Sussex, including the ‘test route’ areas around Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Hassocks, Keymer & Hurstpierpoint, we cover Crawley, Crowborough, Uckfield, Reigate, Horsham and even touch the outskirts of Kent!

So from Surrey to Sussex, Crawley to Cowfold, Haywards Heath to Horsham, Brighton to Burgess Hill, Uckfield to ‘U’ name it, we can get you through your motorbike training, with the emphasis on safety & fun!

Who are MTS Sussex?

MTS Sussex is a family run school with a passion, otherwise known as 'a business'. We take pride in bringing our passion into other peoples lives and hope to put the fun back into riding but with an emphasis on safety. At MTS we teach people how to ride bikes because that’s what we love doing, so it’s important to us not only that you’re safe and successful, but that you enjoy it too. As motorbike tuition is our business, the quality of our instructors is very important to us, therefore every one of our instructors is personally chosen for their professional skills and talent.



Owner of MTS

Having had many ‘moments’ on motorbikes in her youth, Lu decided to take it seriously in 1996 and actually get a full licence. Since then she has enjoyed the hobby, and was inspired to become an instructor when her daughter completed a CBT in 2005 and "frightened the life out of her" as they rode home together! Time to change careers and do her bit towards teaching other people how to ride bikes safely without scaring their parents! Lu also instructed at other schools before starting MTS Sussex in 2012, and, she says "for her sins", she is also titled 'Admin'!!!

Lu now only rides for pleasure as the 'admin' side of life has become a full time job, which she says is a 'bonus in the horrible weather!'


Munch - Max

DVSA Cardington Qualified for CBT & Full Licence Training

Boasting the title of being the youngest of us all, and the youngest to become a fully qualified DAS instructor in Sussex in 2014, Max (Munch) is also well known for his photo bombing along with his attention to detail and patience of a saint! Max previously described as a 'wheelie pulling hoon', decided to put those days behind him and join us 'oldies' in the family business where he could concentrate on building a biking empire!

Having taught as a CBT instructor for a couple of years, Munch took the plunge in 2014 when he trained and passed the DVSA Cardington assessment and qualified to also teach Direct Access (DAS) he has since had a very impressive pass rate.  You'll also see Munch up to his elbows in grease as he tends to the maintenance of the school bikes too.


SatNav - Ric

DVSA Cardington qualified CBT & Full Licence Instructor/RoSpa awarded

Ric (AKA SatNav!) is also a fully qualified Cardington CBT and DAS instructor. Nicknamed SatNav for reasons only he can really explain, but be prepared for a good ride round, and maybe keep a map to hand!!!  Possibly the worse instructor photo on the planet, but SatNav has mastered the art of avoiding the camera and we are yet to get a good snapshot of him! Although talking of being in the spotlight - remember to also ask him about his second job when you meet him!

SatNav rides a 'big black bike' nicknamed 'The enterprise', he loves it to the bank and back - 'often' as the running costs are criminal, so do point out the economy of the MT-07's on a regular basis if you fancy some student payback for Ric being a task master during your training!


Max pic


DVSA Cardington qualified CBT & Full Licence Instructor

Max -was 'Big Max'  as we already had 'little Max' (Munch) but the question about him being 'big' often created some distraction during training, so he's quite simply 'Max' now, anyway, Max became part of the team in 2017, soon achieved his training card for CBT's, and then qualified for DAS too. Another valued member, with the patience of a saint plus some - often needed! Max has been referred to as 'unique' and who are we to argue?


Holland (you may remember his uncle 'Roland rat!')

DVSA Cardington Qualified CBT & Full Licence Instructor

Not Dutch (nor Rolands nephew really!) Holland is an ex London pizza delivery biker who bravely survived two years on a step through kick start. He now strives to get his dream machine, a Triumph Rocket! Being self diagnosed as allergic to public transport, he made a bold choice of first bike when he bought an XJR1300 straight after passing his test - mmm maybe part of the reason he then decided to ride from Spain to London to gain experience, and now wants to help others make 'wiser' choices!!! Holland joined the MTS team in 2018 as a CBT instructor, since then became DAS qualified and boasts being the worse mechanic of all times!



DVSA Cardington Qualified for CBT & Full Licence Training

Amanda has worked within the industry for about 12 years now, having had enough of aeronautical engineering, she decided to qualify and teach something she loves: riding motorbikes!
Her other love in life is the water (she may well have been a mermaid in her past life!) Still taking to snorkelling and swimming in her spare time along with some Jiu Jitsu (best behave everyone!!!) Amanda is the proud rider of her BMW GS who she calls Feebie.

Neil (our very own 'Man Mountain')

DVSA Gilligham qualified CBT & Full Licence Instructor

After 26 years as an Estate Manager, Neil decided to retire and look for challenges new.
Motorbikes have been a big part of his life, having done extensive travel around Europe, America and New Zealand. Wanting to impart his enthusiasm for bikes to others, training seemed like the logical step. Amongst other interests, Neil is a keen dog trainer, apiarist and general country man.
Neil joined us in 2023 as a down trained CBT instructor and has since completed his DVSA CBT and DAS assessments successfully, making him a fully fledged team member ready for all the challenges ahead! - he really is a gentle giant!

What Instruction Do We Provide?

Whatever stage you are at we have options tailored to your individual needs.

From our New Rider Course for those that want to try riding a motorbike before committing, to our exclusive No 'L's Days are great for riders that have recently passed their test, while our Back to Biking Refreshers are for those with a full licence returning to motorcycle riding after a few 'non riding' years. Not forgetting our CBT's, renewals and Full Licence Training.

Want to Know More?

Check out our Motorbike Training Information and Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the type of licence you can apply for, the format of the tests, and what to expect from your lessons with MTS.

Get in Touch

For more information on any of our courses, including A1, A2, DAS (Category A) or CBT training, call us today: Crawley: 01293 850802 Burgess Hill: 01444 246714 / East Grinstead: 01342 890006, or visit our Contact page for details.



Weekday and weekend CBT courses are held at CRAWLEY and EAST GRINSTEAD.